Signature Series – Advanced Skills for Elite Personal Assistants (PA’s) and Executive Assistants (EA’s) – UK

Personal Assistants face many challenges at work on a daily basis. According to a survey by Criterion, an independent research organisation, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, time management and communication are among the primary challenges personal assistants face in the workplace.[i] Also, the job requires coping with new tasks every day and managing difficult people. These top 10 skills help executive assistants to be on top of the game whatever their work situation.

1 Handle Demanding Managers Define your involvement, use coping techniques, and invert negative emotions into positive outcomes
2 Manage Difficult Conversations Speak persuasively, choose the right time and place for difficult conversations, and anticipate conflicts
3 Active Listening Listen actively to understand, and ask questions to gain information and encourage communication
4 Communication Make use of both verbal and non-verbal communication, ask relevant questions and speak confidently
5 Delegate Pick the right person, give clear instructions and monitor delegation
6 Organise Prioritise, set deadlines, and remove the clutter from your digital and physical space
7 Social Media Management Follow company guidelines at all times, listen to the customers, show respect and report bullying
8 Decision Making Use brainstorming and brain writing to gather ideas, separate facts and information, and write the pros and cons of possible decisions
9 Improve Productivity Create a personal routine, set short deadlines and prioritise tasks
10 Create Work-Life Balance  Avoid burnout. Separate home life from your work life, and take out ‘me’ time routinely




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