Top 10 Facilitation Skills to Excel at Your Job – UK

Facilitators need a bundle of skills to excel. Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience shows that we retain only about 10% of what we read, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, and 90% of what we do.[i] That makes it essential for a facilitator to be better than most people in communicating, listening, management and leadership. Here are 10 vital skills that help facilitators to get better outcome in their interactions and their job:

1 Be a Leader Identify your style, be flexible, persuade others and reward them
2 Communicate Confidently Use active listening, the right voice and tone, and effective body language
3 Listen Actively  Ask questions to gain information, evaluate arguments, and check credibility
4 Critical Reasoning Recognise assumptions before making a decision, create common ground and develop rapport
5 Decision-Making Identify the root problem, and separate facts from information
6 Delegate Delegate authority, tasks and responsibilities. Monitor delegation for best results
7 Body Language Use non-verbal communication and body language to show confidence and influence others
8 Resolve Conflicts Identify needs of others, create a positive path for them, and develop ways to prevent conflicts
9 Manage Time Prioritise, set SMART goals and rituals, and organise your work and workspace
10 Organise Use a day planner, remove distractions, and organise your digital and physical work area




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