Top 10 Skills for Sales Professionals – UK

The job of a sales representative doesn’t begin and end with talking to prospects. In fact, salespeople spend just one-third of their day in actually talking to customers. 21% of their time is spent on writing emails, 17% in entering data, another 17% in prospecting and researching leads, 12% in going to internal meetings, and 12% on scheduling calls.[i] To be able to manage all these different tasks, around 3 in 4 organisations use classroom training to train their sales representatives.[i] Here are the top 10 skills salespeople are trained in to help them excel at their job.



The Art of Selling

Know the essential skills for selling successfully in every situation 


Determine your target customers and use ways to engage them 

Professional Telephone Skills

Warm up cold calls, send voicemail messages and answer customer queries professionally over the phone 


Speak clearly and confidently in any situation by using verbal and non-verbal communication skills 

Writing Emails

Know how to write professional emails perfect in grammar, structure and readability 


Active Listening


Listen actively to identify and fulfil customer needs quickly 



Find goals of the other party, establish mutual gain and build your negotiation tactics 


Computer Knowledge


Have basic knowledge of computers, web browsing and applications you need at work 


Problem Solving


Use problem-solving techniques that lead to the best possible resolution 



Use FISH! practices to make work fun and improve productivity and job satisfaction 




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